Storage Auctions

Storage Auctions

Occasionally Lok-Safe holds lien sales in the form of a public auction. Lien sales are open to the public and take place in front of each individual storage space that is being sold. If you plan on attending one of our storage auctions please arrive at least fifteen minutes before the start time.

Terms of the auction are:

  • Single parcel auction—No items can be bid on separately.
  • Cash and carry – Payment is to be cash delivered immediately after successful bidding.
  • Empty within 24 hours – The unit is to be empty of all items within 24 hours of sale.
  • A $100 cash deposit will be required by the winner and will be returned once the unit has been completely emptied.
  • Registration is required if you plan on bidding, please show up early to register before the auction begins.
  • Any personal items such as family photos, social security numbers, etc… are to be returned to Lok-Safe.
  • Lok-Safe reserves the right to cancel the auction at any time before the advertised time of auction.

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