Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?

You can rent a space online and access your storage space 24/7/365. 

I want to rent a space, how can I do so?

We rent all of our spaces via this website, where you can choose your exact unit, and setup your rental immediately.  Once your rental is setup you can move into your space and provide your own disc lock to secure it.  From start to finish you can easily be moving into your space in 10 minutes or less.

What is required to rent a storage space?

You will need the following information on hand. -Your full legal name -Mailing address -Email address -Cell phone number -Drivers license # (or a valid state or government issued ID #)

Is a security deposit required?

Yes. A deposit equal to one month’s rent is required for all spaces. The security deposit is refundable as long as there is no outstanding balance, the space is returned in rentable condition, and we have received a proper one calendar month notice to vacate.  Deposits are never used as last month's rent and are mailed back to the last physical address provided to us the month after the rental has ended.

Do you insure my items?

The lessee is required to carry their own insurance to protect their items. If your items are important enough to store, they’re important enough to insure.  We do offer tenant insurance as an additional option which you can do while renting your unit on our website, or by contacting us to setup if you're an existing customer.  You can learn more about tenant protection here.

Do I need to provide my own lock?

Yes, you will need to provide your own lock at all locations. We recommend using a disc style lock, which can be found at most hardware big box stores.

Is there a minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period for self storage spaces is two months.

Do you have any tips for storing my stuff?

Yes we do, you can find a handy list of tips to help protect and store your items more efficiently via this link.

When can I access my storage space?

Rental spaces can be accessed 24/7, 365 days a year.

How far in advance can I reserve a storage space?

We rent our units on a first come, first serve basis via our website.  We do not reserve units into the future at this time.

What do I need to do when I move out?

Your lease requires 30 days notice, you can give that notice by logging into your account and scheduling a move out. If you do not have access to your account, please contact us by phone or email.  Phone: (920) 497-1755.  Email:

Do you sell moving supplies?

No, since we do not utilize walk-in offices we do not sell physical supplies at this time.

Why am I still being charged for a space I no longer need?

There are several reasons this could be happening. You either left belongings in the space and didn’t fully move out, your space was still locked after the date you provided a notice to vacate, or your notice to vacate was received late and you didn’t pay for the last month’s rent owed.

What happens if I leave items in my space that I don’t want?

Any items left in your space are your responsibility. Lok-Safe does not clean-out spaces. We will continue to charge you rent until your space is empty and unlocked.

Do you provide monthly statements?

At this time Lok-Safe does not provide monthly billing. You can access your online account at anytime to check your balance due and can set yourself up with auto-pay which automatically takes payments the first of each month.

When are rental payments due?

The rental due date is the first day of the month. A late fee is enforced if payments are not received (not postmarked) by the 10th day of the month.  The easiest way to get your payment to us quickly is through your online account with debit or credit card payments.

What form of payments can I use?

You can pay online with debit or credit card or you may also pay via mail using a check, cashiers check or money order. Mailed payments can be sent to the following address: Lok-Safe Storage 101 S. Military Ave #156 Green Bay, WI 54324

My space has been overlocked and I’ve paid, when will it be unlocked?

If the payment is issued with a cashiers check, debit or credit card the space will be unlocked within ten business days.